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Luxury Suites

Indulge your cat in our spacious and comfortable luxury suites. Each suite is equipped with cozy bedding, toys, and a personal scratching post. Your cat will enjoy the ultimate relaxation and privacy during their stay.

Deluxe Suites
Premium Suites
Villa Suites
President Suites
Genetique Cat Boarding and Cat Hotel Suites

Play Areas

Our cat boarding service includes dedicated play areas for your feline companion to stretch their legs and have fun. With interactive toys, climbing structures, and tunnels, your cat will have a blast in our stimulating play areas.

Indoor Play Area
Outdoor Play Area
Interactive Playtime
Genetique Cat Hotel Play Area

24/7 Staff Care

Rest assured knowing that our dedicated team of caregivers is available round the clock to attend to your cat’s needs. From regular feeding and medication schedules to grooming and cuddles, your cat will receive personalized care and attention throughout their stay.

Tailored Feeding
Medication Administration
Grooming Services
24/7 staffed Genetique Cat Hotel

Extra Services

We go the extra mile to make your cat’s stay with us even more special. Choose from a range of additional services such as grooming, nail trimming, individual play sessions, and updates on your cat’s daily routine through pictures and videos.

Nail Trimming
Individual Play Sessions
Daily Updates
Genetique Cat Hotel CCTV
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